• Excursion Yetti ice fish house frames

    Yetti Xtreme

    You’ve heard the slogan “Go big or go home”? Well you can’t get much bigger on the ice than the Yetti Xtreme.

    • 8 x 16’ V FRONT
    • Sleeps 4-5
    • Windows w/black curtains
    • 7 Holes with Catch Covers
    • Weight = 3,910 lbs
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    Yetti Outpost

    Hit the ice in style with all of your buddies and be the talk of the lake with the Yetti Outpost.

    • 6.5 x 16’ V FRONT
    • Sleeps 4
    • 4 Windows with black curtains
    • 8 Holes with Catch Covers
    • Weight = 3,250 lbs
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    Yetti Xplorer

    You and your buddies are hardcore ice fisherman who don’t need all the bells and whistles. Go for the Yetti Xplorer.

    • 6.5 x 12’ V FRONT
    • Sleeps 2
    • 3 Windows with black curtains
    • 5 Holes with Catch Covers
    • Weight = 2,480 lbs
    • Ramp Door (optional)

Yetti fish houses are perfect for ice fishing  hunting  camping – and more!

Featuring a durable, lightweight aluminum frame, finish the interior yourself or work with a dealer to create a custom finish with all the comforts of home. Create your own legend today!

Diamond plate trim
All aluminum construction
One piece rubber roof
Home quality windows
Easy crank raise and lower
Ready to finish interior
Screwless aluminum exterior
Removable tongue
Full width pivot axle
Three Ways to Buy a Yetti
Yetti ice fishing house interior frame
Buy a shell and create your own legend
Yetti small travel trailers for sale interior
Buy an already finished standard model and start your adventure today
Yetti trailer RVs for sale
Work with a dealer and custom build a model for the ultimate escape